45th Reunion Survey

We, the remaining members of the North High Class of 1974 Reunion Committee, have now been through four, ten year celebration events.  We have spent hundreds of hours to put these events together and so we've learned how much things cost and how much effort each part of the planning takes.  We've enjoyed every minute of our efforts and truly appreciate that everyone who attends has a great time and renews old bonds of friendship.

As we are all approaching 60 (!!) more and more classmates have asked that we not wait ten more years for the next reunion, but plan something every five years moving forward.

In light of that general consensus, we have put together some questions for everyone.  The survey will only take a few minutes but it will help us tremendously in planning the 45th gathering.  The majority will rule, so please participate and let us know what you want!


Pam Kilby Diss

Kay Kness McBride

Jan Harrison Grier

Rossanne Moore Thomson


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1)   The combined cost of catering, bar services, venue rental, DJ services, insurance, etc. drives up the cost to $50+ per person, would you prefer to give up having those niceties in favor of a downscaled event; a small but free party room with no DJ, where everyone runs his or her own tab for food and drink?

Yes No
2)   Would you like to have one informal night at a bar/restaurant party room and one more expensive night with the DJ, catering, etc. as we did with the 40 year reunion?

Yes No
3)   How important is it to have a photographer at the event?

  Very Important
  Somewhat Important
  Not Important
4)   How important is having a dance floor and DJ?

  Very Important
  Somewhat Important
  Not Important
5)   Would you attend a casual gathering at a bar or restaurant where we did not have a party room reserved and just basically took over the place and looked for name tags? The class of '73 did this.

  Would Definitely Attend
  Might Attend
  Would Probably Not Attend
6)   Would you prefer a daytime event, possibly a gathering at a local park, where everyone brought picnic food, lawn chairs, dogs, Frisbees, cameras, etc., instead of an evening event?

  Yes, would definitely attend
  Might attend
  No, would not attend
7)   What time of year would you prefer for the next Reunion gathering? Would it be helpful to have it around a major holiday?